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1201.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ruby(Allie-Twig)=
1202.Numbuh 55(KND)+Putan(Simplistische)=
1203.Numbuh 55(KND)+Lyspance(Simplistische)=
1204.Numbuh 55(KND)+Moxinosh(Paulagirl93)=
1205.Numbuh 55(KND)+Neon(flirtykuki101)=
1206.Numbuh 55(KND)+Chaosky(Fhujmasterofhedgehog)=
1207.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bahamut (Final Fantasy)=
1208.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ifrit (Final Fantasy)=
1209.Numbuh 55(KND)+Shiva (Final Fantasy)=
1210.Numbuh 55(KND)+Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy)=
1211.Numbuh 55(KND)+Leviathan (Final Fantasy)=
1212.Numbuh 55(KND)+Cactuar (Final Fantasy)=
1213.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ramuh (Final Fantasy)=
1214.Numbuh 55(KND)+Titan (Final Fantasy)=
1215.Numbuh 55(KND)+Quezacotl (Final Fantasy)=
1216.Numbuh 55(KND)+Eden (Final Fantasy)=
1217.Numbuh 55(KND)+Odin (Final Fantasy)=
1218.Numbuh 55(KND)+Tonberry (Final Fantasy)=
1219.Numbuh 55(KND)+Carbuncle (Final Fantasy)=
1220.Numbuh 55(KND)+Phoenix (Final Fantasy)=
1221.Numbuh 55(KND)+Alexander (Final Fantasy)=
1222.Numbuh 55(KND)+Cerberus (Final Fantasy)=
1223.Numbuh 55(KND)+Mist Dragon (Final Fantasy)=
1224.Numbuh 55(KND)+Asura (Final Fantasy)=
1225.Numbuh 55(KND)+Sylph (Final Fantasy)=
1226.Numbuh 55(KND)+Cockatrice (Final Fantasy)=
1227.Numbuh 55(KND)+Chocobo (Final Fantasy)=
1228.Numbuh 55(KND)+Remora (Final Fantasy)=
1229.Numbuh 55(KND)+Golem (Final Fantasy)=
1230.Numbuh 55(KND)+Catoblepas (Final Fantasy)=
1231.Numbuh 55(KND)+Syldra (Final Fantasy)=
1232.Numbuh 55(KND)+Kirin (Final Fantasy)=
1233.Numbuh 55(KND)+Cait Sith (Final Fantasy)=
1234.Numbuh 55(KND)+Unicorn (Final Fantasy)=
1235.Numbuh 55(KND)+Maduin (Final Fantasy)=
1236.Numbuh 55(KND)+Phantom (Final Fantasy)=
1237.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bismarck (Final Fantasy)=
1238.Numbuh 55(KND)+Zona Seeker (Final Fantasy)=
1239.Numbuh 55(KND)+Seraph (Final Fantasy)=
1240.Numbuh 55(KND)+Quetzalli (Final Fantasy)=
1241.Numbuh 55(KND)+Fenrir (Final Fantasy)=
1242.Numbuh 55(KND)+Valigarmanda (Final Fantasy)=
1243.Numbuh 55(KND)+Midgardsormr (Final Fantasy)=
1244.Numbuh 55(KND)+Lakshmi (Final Fantasy)=
1245.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ragnarok (Final Fantasy)=
1246.Numbuh 55(KND)+Jihad (Final Fantasy)=
1247.Numbuh 55(KND)+Raiden (Final Fantasy)=
1248.Numbuh 55(KND)+Diabolos (Final Fantasy)=
1249.Numbuh 55(KND)+Neo Bahamut (Final Fantasy)=
1250.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bahamut ZERO (Final Fantasy)=
1251.Numbuh 55(KND)+Knights of the Round (Final Fantasy)=
1252.Numbuh 55(KND)+Kjata (Final Fantasy)=
1253.Numbuh 55(KND)+Typhon (Final Fantasy)=
1254.Numbuh 55(KND)+Hades (Final Fantasy)=
1255.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bahamut Fury (Final Fantasy)=
1256.Numbuh 55(KND)+Pandemona (Final Fantasy)=
1257.Numbuh 55(KND)+Doomtrain (Final Fantasy)=
1258.Numbuh 55(KND)+Siren (Final Fantasy)=
1259.Numbuh 55(KND)+Atomos (Final Fantasy)=
1260.Numbuh 55(KND)+Valefor (Final Fantasy)=
1261.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ixion (Final Fantasy)=
1262.Numbuh 55(KND)+Yojimbo (Final Fantasy)=
1263.Numbuh 55(KND)+Anima (Final Fantasy)=
1264.Numbuh 55(KND)+Moomba (Final Fantasy)=
1265.Numbuh 55(KND)+Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy)=
1266.Numbuh 55(KND)+Belias (Final Fantasy)=
1267.Numbuh 55(KND)+Chaos (Final Fantasy)=
1268.Numbuh 55(KND)+Zalera (Final Fantasy)=
1269.Numbuh 55(KND)+Zeromus (Final Fantasy)=
1270.Numbuh 55(KND)+Hashmal (Final Fantasy)=
1271.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ultima (Final Fantasy)=
1272.Numbuh 55(KND)+Exodus (Final Fantasy)=
1273.Numbuh 55(KND)+Cúchulainn (Final Fantasy)=
1274.Numbuh 55(KND)+Shemhazai (Final Fantasy)=
1275.Numbuh 55(KND)+Adrammelech (Final Fantasy)=
1276.Numbuh 55(KND)+Famfrit (Final Fantasy)=
1277.Numbuh 55(KND)+Mateus (Final Fantasy)=
1278.Numbuh 55(KND)+Zodiark (Final Fantasy)=
1279.Numbuh 55(KND)+Brynhildr (Final Fantasy)=
1280.Numbuh 55(KND)+Hecatoncheir (Final Fantasy)=
1281.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bird (HooD)=
1282.Numbuh 55(KND)+Loona (HooD)=
1283.Numbuh 55(KND)+Photocynthia (HooD)=
1284.Numbuh 55(KND)+Plus/Minus (HooD)=
1285.Numbuh 55(KND)+Parker (HooD)=
1286.Numbuh 55(KND)+Numbuh 539(Genincat)=
1287.Numbuh 55(KND)+Numbuh 77(Genincat)=
1288.Numbuh 55(KND)+Numbuh 79(Genincat)=
1289.Numbuh 55(KND)+Numbuh 80(Genincat)=
1290.Numbuh 55(KND)+Finn (Adventure Time)=
1291.Numbuh 55(KND)+Jake (Adventure Time)=
1292.Numbuh 55(KND)+Rex (Generator Rex)=
1293.Numbuh 55(KND)+Lazlo (Camp Lazlo)=
1294.Numbuh 55(KND)+Raj (Camp Lazlo)=
1295.Numbuh 55(KND)+Clam (Camp Lazlo)=
1296.Numbuh 55(KND)+Optimus Prime (Transformers)=
1297.Numbuh 55(KND)+Bumblebee (Transformers)=
1298.Numbuh 55(KND)+Silverbolt (Transformers)=
1299.Numbuh 55(KND)+Warpath (Transformers)=
1300.Numbuh 55(KND)+Ultra Magnus (Transformers)=

The Next Part in My Fusion List,In This one There Are Mostly Final Fantasy Fusions in this List And All Final Fantasy Fans Can Come up with Cool And Magical Names For these Fusions.

fusion list inspired me idea from :icondmajorboss:

Numbuh 55 (c) Flame-dragon

KND (c) Tom Warburton

All the characters (c) Their respective owners
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